Sometimes you don’t want to scrub financials for the KPIs you want.

Other times, you want insights on investment, profitability, expense and operations, but might not even know what KPIs to include for your analyses. You might even feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of financial data available, and don’t even consider digging in.

At idaciti, we’re always working on new ways to help customers get the most out of the platform. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Decision Categories -- a selection of curated KPIs organized by “how you make business decisions”, like profitability, liquidity, operations, real estate investment and more, designed to help you see the data you want and make the decisions you need more quickly. After all, if a platform can’t help with efficiency and effectiveness, then why bother!

Decision categories

Decision categories help bring financial data to life for anyone in any business function looking to see how other companies operate. How?

Clean data without the scrubbing: Now you don’t have to spend extra time collecting KPIs by reading hundred of pages for each report. You can now have access to the data and assemble only the data you need easily. Any business analyst, regardless of background, can now find relevant data in a single place.

A better picture of the decision-making insights: Sometimes it may not even cross your mind to include a KPI in a report. With decision categories, you can see all relevant KPIs and deselect the ones that aren’t relevant. More importantly, you can see tangential data that may provide deeper insights.

Better apples-to-apples comparisons: With decision categories, it’s easier to compare the KPIs of one business to another, since it’s just a few clicks.

Now you don’t need hours or even days set aside to look for data. You can be the expert that finds the relevant KPIs that count. We’ve curated KPIs and made them actionable. It’s just another way idaciti is making public financial data even more accessible and usable.

To see how decision categories in action, click here. To see how they can work for your business, email us at

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