Oftentimes it makes sense to perform analysis on the marketplace using just public financial data. Metrics like cost of revenue, intangible assets and commitments and contingencies can tell you much of what you need to know about competitors, prospects and partners. But sometimes, you want to see that financial information within the context of non-financial data from other sources to get a true, 360-degree view of a company. That’s data integration, and it’s part of what makes idaciti different.

What’s data integration?
Imagine you’d like to create a scenario that makes a case for your company to adopt more sustainable business practices. You’d need to benchmark sustainability against financial KPIs to really forecast those ramifications correctly, right? It would be tremendously helpful to overlay sustainability data on top of a competitor’s financial data to see how sustainability has affected their business. You could add an even deeper dimension by further overlaying metrics on market sentiment to understand how a move to sustainability can affect the bottom line and beyond.

This is data integration. It’s aggregating multiple data sources to create a richer, fuller view and more insightful analysis.

How does it work with idaciti?
Idaciti is always adding additional data sources on top of its public financial data resources to help business with decision making using integrated financial & non-financial data. Most recently, we included a layer of data on security breaches to understand the business impact of a security breach in certain industries. We’re adding data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to overlay consumer complaints about credit cards, mortgages, student loans and other financial services products to track its impact on business bottom lines.

This is just the beginning. We've overlaid data from FDA for pharmaceutical companies so they can assess which of their competitor's patents are expiring soon, or see which drugs of their competitors have been approved. We’ve included Department of Transportation data for construction companies, government contractors and commercial aviation. Combine these sources with financial information, and you’ve got a view of the marketplace that’s deeper, fuller and more bottom-line connected than ever before.

Decisions that matter have never come easier. If you’ve got specific data that you’d like to see, or you’d like a demonstration of how idaciti can inform the work you do or the company you work with, contact us today.


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