The idaciti product team is always looking for new ways to help you take advantage of public financial data to drive insights, tell stories, and work harder for your business. Our latest innovation? Discovery Cards.

How do they work?

Discovery Cards are an easy way for you to find companies you should care about, without doing any additional research. You may know you need to pay attention to the top five revenue generating companies in your industry, but you might not even know who they are. That’s where idaciti can help.

Start by selecting “Discovery Card” from your dashboard.

Discovery Card

In the Discovery Card page, you can select your sector. Let’s choose “Services.”

Choose Services

Then, choose your industry within that sector. We’ll select Business Services:

Select Business Service

Finally, we can narrow it down by SIC code:

SIC code

We’ll choose 7310: Advertising. Then we can select our KPIs and the filter - we’ll choose Revenues and hit the radial button for top 10 companies.

Top 10 companies

Hit “Refresh Data” below, and up pops your list:

Refresh Data

Or, maybe you are curious if any of the top revenue generating companies are paying less than 20% corporate taxes? You can get the answer with just a few clicks as well. And, just like other data cards, the viewers of the card can interact with the card you created, they can even turn off certain filter(s) to ask a different question.

Top Revenue Low Tax

From here, you can save the list, manipulate the data or change the filters. Voila! You can discover the data behind peers, do industry analysis or find insights on companies you want to target for benchmarking, review or research.

Now it just takes a few clicks to discover both companies and data that you care about. Just come to idaciti with an idea, and we’ll help you find the data to back it up.

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